Cloudwater DIPA v3

I’ve been using Untappd since the start of 2014. Everything I drink gets checked in there. It’s a great way to keep track of what you’ve drunk, what you’ve enjoyed, and, perhaps more importantly, what you’ve not enjoyed, and should avoid next time around.

As well as giving a score out of 5 (and you can now rate beers with quarters of a point, it used to be only halves), you can leave a short review of up to 140 characters. Most of the time, that is enough. Sometimes, the word meh is more than enough to describe what you’ve drunk. It’s amazing how eloquent some people can be with only 140 characters, and also how funny.

Anyway, why am I prattling on about all that? Well, because I decided that Cloudwater DIPA v3 probably deserved a little more than 140 characters to talk about it. I talked about Cloudwater on Sunday, so I won’t go into too much detail about them here.

This v3 was released on the 9th of April. I didn’t get any at the time, but did manage to snaffle a bottle when picking up my v6 and v7 at the weekend. There have been some recent reviews that suggest it is not as good as when it was fresh, but mine had obviously been stored well as it felt like it was in pretty good condition to me.

It’s a 9% double IPA (DIPA). It doesn’t taste like a 9% DIPA. With many beers of high strength, you can taste the alcohol, and sometimes it can overpower the flavours of the beer (often called “alcohol burn”). Not so here, it is very dangerously drinkable for a 9% beer. In fact, it’s wonderfully drinkable for a 9% beer. You should still try to sip it to appreciate it, but mine didn’t last all that long because it was so drinkable.

A lovely hop haze there. Juicy Citra and Mosaic hops mingle with Chinook and Comet. Vermont ale yeast makes a big contribution to this beer, bringing a peach flavour to do battle with the tropical notes from the hops. It would appear that over time the hops might have fought back a bit more than when everyone tried it back in April.

When you have a limited edition beer like this, that was so talked about on social media (not really hyped up by its creators though), it can often lead to disappointment. You can expect so many things from a bottle of liquid because so much has been said and people got whipped up in to a frenzy because they could only buy one bottle each (or whatever). Enough time has passed to be over the talk.

The only disappointment is that I’ll never get to have another bottle of this, because I bloody loved it. I love huge and flavoursome IPAs. This was very much one of those. I just kept sniffing it and drinking it. I have a sneaky feeling it will be beer of the month for August, but that could depend on when I open v6 and v7.

I just hope the others can live up to this one. A lovely beer.

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