Pete on the Street at Wicked Hathern Fest, August 2016

I’ve already talked about our best local pizza place, Peter Pizza, and their takeaway pizza options. They also have a third option if you can’t eat in or get a takeaway from them. They can come to you.

Pete on the Street is essentially a fully functioning wood burning oven in an old shipping container. On the back of a truck. Don’t believe me? Well, here it is:-

You can book it for your party or event (be that a wedding or music festival, such as the one we find ourselves at today). It is a well-oiled machine, both in terms of the old DAF truck at the front (my dad used to fix these for a living), and the team knocking out pizzas at the back. They say they are equipped to serve 60-70 pizzas an hour in almost any setting.

At today’s Wicked Hathern Fest they were certainly working their socks off, serving up three options, the classic margharita, the ham and salami and the pepper and courgette. Several Peter classics, all served up from this very unique vehicle. There are no frills here, it’s Italian peasant food served up in very humble surroundings. Absolute genius, and great tasting food. A great pizza for 5 quid.

I should really show you a picture of the pizza, but we ate it too fast. Imagine a smaller version of this:-


And just served on a paper plate. There you go. Great pizzas, great concept! There were queues to get some until they ran out at around 8pm…

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