350th post!

Two months have passed since the 300th post, but it’s time for another milestone, which I’m mainly marking because I have just spotted that I was on 349…

Just a day after the 300th post, a return trip to The Alma in Wandsworth saw a very tasty steak and some tasty ales combine with a bitter tasting defeat for Liverpool in the Europa League final. An eventful (from a food point of view) camping trip to Oxfordshire followed soon afterwards, a relatively new camp site cafe that struggled with Bank Holiday weekend demands.


Edinburgh was the first of June’s highlights, including a third trip to BrewDog – great beer, great pizza, great tunes from “The Wandering Man”. The Potting Shed was another food and drink fest, a perfect anniversary meal. The next afternoon saw us wandering on to a film set (Trainspotting 2) and then a visit to a pub with some history.

Another great night out at The Needle & Pin, with so many new beers sampled. Have just missed the next one, but there’s another one being planned in a month or two. Whilst this was going on, a new brewery were achieving their goals on Crowdfunder, and their beers will be on the way to all backers in September.


A trip to the Lakes soon followed, with great meals out at the Royal Oak, The Wainwright and The Pack Horse Inn and a few takeaways thrown in for good measure. It was a lovely trip, with lots of great walks. The fun didn’t stop there, with a superb day out at Wimbledon following on just 2 days after we got back. It was an utterly fantastic day out, very highly recommended.


We arrive in July, which opened with a cycle ride along the Cloud Trail to the Crewe & Harpur for a tasty lunch, and then the Hook Norton beer festival, followed up with a couple of recipes, for Gooseberry jam and creamy seafood pasta.


There are 32 posts still in draft, including a few more from the New Zealand trip that I haven’t got round to finishing yet. Perhaps August will be a little quieter which will give me time to catch up 🙂

This week has also seen the most likes on posts, and over the last few months we have seen new visitors from Brazil, Poland and the British Virgin Islands. Whoever would have thunk it?

The MOFAD continues!


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