The Priory, July 2016

I’ve been moaning for almost a year (since they reopened) about The Priory and their use of stupid bread boards and copper cups. This kind of thing:-


Every time I’ve been, I’ve talked about the tasty food (it’s really nice). But there has always been a moan about those silly boards. One year on, and there is good news.

The boards and cups are gone!

Does this mean that plates are finally available?

No. Now we have silly metal trays instead:-

The kind of thing that should be going into ovens to cook food on. Not the kind of thing that you should be serving food on. The kind of thing that dissipates heat quite well. Ok, the chips are at least out of the pointless cup (which always made them hard to season) but it’s an opportunity missed.

You could say it’s a step along the road to plates, but must try harder! We want plates!

The fish finger sandwich was nice!

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