The Pack Horse Inn, Keswick, June 2016 – quiz night

It’s quiz night! My Pointless Friend Richard ride again, after our last victory back in May. Tonight it’s just me and Mrs MOFAD representing.

First, let’s look back on today’s walk very briefly, a quick photo of Derwent Water as viewed from on our way up to Maiden Moor and then High Spy and back down to Little Town (where we had lunch on Monday).

A very nice walk on a lovely sunny day. So, to the pub (after a cup of tea and a shower of course).

At the Pack Horse Inn, dining areas are located on three terraces leading up the stairs and you can also eat in the bar area, which is where we grabbed a table on a busy evening. Β It’s a Robinsons pub, as with so many in the area, so you’ll know what you’re getting – a range of their good ales, and good food (based on our experiences so far).

Tonight we begin with a pint of Hartley’s Cumbrian XB. Hartley’s were bought out by Robinsons in 1982, and continued to brew in Ulverston until 1991, when brewing was transferred to Stockport. The Cumbrian XB is a classic English bitter and a refreshing start to the evening.

Dinner arrived next, after we watched it go back to the kitchen and then come back out because we had moved tables not long after ordering, as a nicer one by the window became available.

Mrs MOFAD and I had the same thing tonight, this chicken in wild mushroom and cream sauce, served with chips and salad. It was really nice, juicy chicken, a nice sauce and really good chips, along with a decent salad (you can see a tiny bit of it in the top left).

A little more refreshment to accompany it, this time a Unicorn, a classic dark golden ale which I’ve had before. It used to be called Robinsons Best Bitter.

Dinner was done, time to limber up for the quiz. Important not to get dehyrdated during quiz activities, so it was time for something else, another familiar Robinsons ale in the form of Dizzy Blonde, full of happy hoppy hints.

This was very necessary as the quiz got underway. The “picture round” was about rabbits (identify cartoon rabbits such as Jessica Rabbit, Hazel from Watership Down, etc.) General knowledge next which got off to a deliberately easy start but then went more obscure. The music round was less fun, with some more obscure 1960s and 1970s tracks. I can recognise The Hollies, but not many of their songs. I think we were one of the few teams to recognise Aswad though πŸ™‚

We were going really well, and then the specialist round arrived. Computers. Hello day job! Hello degree! Hello 30 plus years of computing experience! All of these things combined to give us maximum points in this round. A break next, and time to refresh the brain cells once again, this time with Robinsons Smooth, a cold and smooth pint, uncomplicated. This is what Boddingtons or John Smith’s should be, instead of the perfunctory liquids that they are.

This did the trick for the final general knowledge round, and helped us through. Then it was time for the marking and the scores. When you mark another team’s answer sheet, you begin to get an idea of how well (or otherwise you’ve done).

The top three arrives. We are in it. In fact, we are on top of it, another victory for My Pointless Friend Richard, and enough money to pay for dinner πŸ™‚ Winner!