The Wainwright, Keswick, June 2016

Our second visit to The Wainwright, after an excellent introduction last year. Whilst looking back, I’ve realised that I am behind on my “pub of the month” posts, as it was definintely in the running for pub of the month back in May 2015.

We’d popped in earlier this week, but it was very busy on Saturday night, and we were very hungry, so retreated to the Royal Oak instead. We had a bit more time tonight, and as luck would have it, a table became free within a minute of walking in, so we were soon settled in and ordering something to eat and drink.

Once again, it was something from Fell Brewery that tempted me first, a pint of Simcoe Wheat, full of hoppy bitter goodness alongside some wheaty earthiness. Any beer that decides to add more hops is good for me – this was very interesting and a tasty pint (and yes, it’s supposed to be cloudy). Mrs MOFAD had some Symonds cider, always reliable.

Food next. Some familiar things on the menu from last year (I recommended the game pie to another customer who was ordering at the bar). Tonight I had the crispy supreme of chicken, with mashed potatoes, leeks and white wine cream sauce.

It was absolutely delicious, juicy chicken, good mash and a nice sauce. Having dined out on chicken dishes quite a few times recently I’m going to keep doing this, as it seems that kitchens are getting better at cooking it without turning it into shoe leather.

Mrs MOFAD had this very tasty burger with absolutely enormous onion rings – look at the size of them! A very good portion of food.

Something to accompany dinner, another pint for me, this is Corby Ale from Cumberland Breweries, surely the best thing to ever have the word Corby attached to it, a tasty, light bitter.

Another lovely visit to The Wainwright, great food and drink again. It really is the best pub in Keswick right now. You may have to wait for a table, or wait for your food, but the best things come to those who wait. There are no shortcuts or microwaved curries in here, it’s good quality stuff in a great pub.

Go here!


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