Royal Oak, Keswick, June 2016

Hooray, hooray, it’s a holi-holiday. Summertime (according to the calendar if not the climate) sees us back in Keswick for a week of walking. We had planned to go to The Wainwright tonight, as we started our holiday here last year, but there were no tables so we were not able to dine (it was 8pm and we were starving).

So instead, we wandered back to the Royal Oak, where we ate a couple of times last year, and also in its previous incarnations. On a warm Saturday evening, it was very busy but they still managed to squeeze us in. It didn’t take long to choose something to eat and drink (did I mention that we were starving?)

To drink, Mrs MOFAD started with a Westons Mortimers Orchard – a standard cider, but refreshing on a warm summer evening.

For me it was a Thwaites Summer Solstice, a cracking summer pale ale, with a refreshing bitterness.

Not too much later, dinner arrived. I’d opted for the half roast chicken, much like at the Potting Shed a couple of weeks ago.

This one was lacking the peri peri sauce, but was still very tasty, perfectly cooked and juicy. Like I said a couple of weeks ago, when it is done well, a simple roast chicken is a wondrous thing. This was that thing. Served with thin cut chips, a simple salad of “leaves” and tomatoes and some coleslaw, this was pretty much perfect.

I say pretty much, because it was served in some kind of seed tray that you’d expect to find down the allotment. What is this obsession with serving food on things that are not plates? We invented plates to eat from. Use them!

To accompany, a Red Pike from Hesket Newmarket brewery – allegedly a red ale, but the least hoppy red ale I think I’ve ever had.

Mrs MOFAD had the seafood linguine, very tasty with lots of garlic.

We stayed for another drink, for me a pint of Tirril Ullswater Blonde which was something I also had last year, a pleasant golden ale.

A cracking Keswick pub, and a MOFAD card was left.


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