The Bubble Car Museum, camp site and cafe, Lincolnshire

A tale of two lunches.

We were staying at the camp site attached to the Bubble Car Museum in Lincolnshire for the weekend with some friends. A nice simple site, fairly unfussy, and with decent enough facilities for small numbers of campers.

We didn’t have much planned for the weekend, and actually spent most of it on site. This meant that we decided to have lunch in the museum cafe on both days. Sadly they don’t do breakfasts, and they are also quite clear about having “no crisps, no fizzy drinks”. Even though you can see crisps in the photos below, and there is also a fizzy drink not pictured (ginger beer, so what they really mean is no Coke/Pepsi/etc.)

They have a simple menu of good home made stuff. I do love a ploughmans (thanks to the Cheese bureau and the milk marketing board for popularising it). This one was a three cheese version with a wedge of pork pie – classic Lincolnshire.

Lots of tasty components here. The coloured cheddar was the least flavourful of the cheeses, good stilton and brie made up for that. The pork pie was classic and home made. Good salad leaves (not just limp iceberg), decent coleslaw, and an interesting Asian style shredded thing. Pickled gherkins (unusual but welcome) and pickled onions round off the ensemble, with a few crisps on the side. There’s also a basket of good wholemeal bread which really makes this a proper filling meal.

That was Saturday, here is Sunday:-

Pretty similar and certainly consistent. Tasty lunches on both days and very competitively priced – all of the TripAdvisor reviews comment on the prices in the cafe.

Recommended if you find yourself in the area. You won’t find many places like this around these days – a proper old fashioned family place. Relax and enjoy something that feels like it’s from a bygone era.


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