The Potting Shed, Edinburgh, June 2016

Another night out in Edinburgh. I really love this city. It has all the advantages of being a city (loads of places to get stuff, eat stuff, do stuff) but without the great disadvantages of somewhere like London (crowds everywhere, can’t get a table at a pub, sweltering on the Underground in the summer).

It has old stuff (a castle, monuments, museums) as well as new stuff, like cool bars and pubs with decent local beers and food.

The Potting Shed is one of those examples of new stuff, a group of jolly characters that all came together to make the following story. There’s Angus (creator of the shed), Billy the Fisherman (fish please), Farmer Campbell (cattle please), Farmer Hamish (chickens please), Farmer Jock (pork and home brew please) and of course Morag (a dairy farmer, the apple of Angus’ eye, and the inspiration behind their desserts and cocktails).

So that’s their story, here’s the story of our visit.

As tonight was our tenth wedding anniversary, Mrs MOFAD was celebrating with prosecco – a tasty bit of fizz. You will have worked out that I would be celebrating with ales. Came to the right place for that, look at this awesome selection:-

So much choice, so little time. First up a Findhorn Killer by Speyside Craft Brewery. I quickly christened this Hoppy McHopface, a deliciously balanced ale.

Food next. As you will have spotted by now, Friday night is usually curry night, so Mrs MOFAD opted for the slow cooked spicy lamb, with coriander, coconut milk, fragrant rice and “flat breed” (that’s Scotch for bread). This was spicy and delicious, walking that fine line between spice and flavour and just about getting it right in Mrs MOFAD’s eyes.

For me, something a bit different (in terms of things that I eat when out). Half roast peri peri chicken, with red slaw and skinny fries. A simple chicken dish isn’t something I’ll often eat because it is something that can easily be done badly, but I had faith here as I’d heard good things about the Potting Shed.

This faith was well placed, juicy and delicious chicken, nice and spicy peri peri, good red slaw and crisp fries. This was accompanied by a Brave New World by Tempest Brewing Co. How to describe this? How about hops hops hops? You want more? How about hops? Piney goodness. It was lovely and perfect with the peri peri.

As this was a special occasion, and because we have walked quite a bit already and have more exercise planned tomorrow, we both opted for pudding (we will often share). For me it was Potting Shed Windfall; fruit & nut “soil”, chocolate mousse and a medley of mixed berries. This was as delicious as it looks, and I’ll forgive the plant pot, since it is jokey and there is a plate to actually eat from.

Mrs MOFAD’s eyes were bigger than her belly – a sticky toffee pudding proved to be too much of a challenge – it was delicious though because I had some in order to help out 🙂

A chocolately pudding needs the right kind of liquid accompaniment. Mine was Fathom by Jaw Brew, full of chocolate, coffee and burnt treacle flavours, although it was very thin (they might have boiled the sugar out of the brew).

A lovely anniversary meal, probably one of my favourites. And I haven’t even mentioned that they also have a pizza called Boaty McBoatface:-

Great food and beer, a nice relaxed atmosphere and funky decor. The Potting Shed is a lovely place for a meal or even just a drink or two on a night out in Edinburgh. We were also hoping for some live music as advertised on their web site, but they have struggled to get acts in recently, so hopefully that’s something you’ll be able to enjoy again in the future.

MOFAD approved and a MOFAD card was left.

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