TPN 2016 #15

A camping triple pork nirvana. For Whitsun Bank Holiday weekend we have been staying at Greenhill Leisure Park in Bletchingdon. This was a new camp site to us, although some of our friends had stayed here last year and on other trips.

Today’s triple pork nirvana quest started out in their cafe, a new venture for the site in 2016. I found the breakfast very tasty, although not everyone was completely enamoured with it. More mushrooms and beans would have been welcome, and not everyone likes their eggs cooked the same way (these ones were perfect for me). Things for this new cafe to learn.

For lunch we found ourselves in The Mitre, in Oxford, a good chain pub in the city centre. Loads of options to choose from, and a chicken, bacon and avocado burger was a lighter but still tasty TPN qualifier.

The evening found us back at the camp site.  A hog roast was advertised, and a hog roast was duly delivered. It was set up just outside the front door to the cafe, and had been rotating and roasting all afternoon long. Delicious slow cooked pork in a bun, with your choice of salad, cous cous, and some other bits and pieces, as well as apple sauce, and lovely roasted new potatoes, which had been cooked above the pork. Simple mass catering with good ingredients makes for a perfect evening camping meal. Everyone who partook thoroughly enjoyed it, and a hog roast is a cracking (and crackling) way to achieve triple pork nirvana.

The Mitre, Oxford, May 2016

A quick city centre pub post. We were camping nearby with friends and had decided to have a lazy day mooching around Oxford. We caught the park and ride service into the city centre, and mooched for a while, before hunting out a pub for lunch.

This can be a tricky prospect when there are 9 of you, but with so many pubs to choose from, you should be ok finding somewhere. We struck lucky in The Mitre as one of the staff found us a lovely large round table so we were all soon seated and pondering the menus.

The Mitre is a Beefeater pub, so you’ll know what you’re going to be getting – chain pub grub at a good price. Loads of things to choose from, various menus and deals on throughout the day, and you’ll find something for everyone in your group.

A drink first, and a reliable local beer in the shape of Old Hooky from Hook Norton brewery (who we will be visiting later in the summer). This is a classic malty bitter that shouldn’t let you down.

After much deliberation, everyone had ordered, and food soon arrived. For myself and Mrs MOFAD, that was a chicken, bacon (triple pork nirvana is at stake) and avocado burger, with cheese. Avocado has featured in a lot of food choices since the Great New Zealand Road Trip – it’s very popular in NZ and Mrs MOFAD has taken a particular liking to it.

It worked well in this burger, the creamy texture complementing the salty bacon and mild Monterey Jack cheese. Simple fries and a little bit of coleslaw on the side. Good pub grub, and perfect for our relaxed day of mooching. More mooching was in order, so we passed on dessert and headed out to explore some more.

If you’re looking for somewhere for a group of people to have a simple and tasty lunch in Oxford, this will do you nicely. Chains don’t always have to be bad (are you listening Toby Carvery?)