Return to The Alma, Wandsworth

A return visit to this lovely little London pub. As with the previous visit, I was staying at the Holiday Inn Express just over the other side of the railway.

Tonight’s visit had three purposes.

  1. Something to drink
  2. Something to eat
  3. Watch the Europa League final between Liverpool and Sevilla

Let’s start with (1), which started with a Pumphouse Pale Ale, from Sambrook’s brewery, just one stop down the line in Battersea. This was a delicious pale ale with hoppy notes and a hint of biscuit. Add some more hops and it could be a world beater.


We relaxed into the evening, bagging a good seat with a view of the projector screen ready for later. Dinner was ordered, another pint arrived. This was a Young’s Special which is a malty bitter, which went well with dinner…


That dinner was this delicious rump steak. Sometimes, you just can’t beat the classics.


A rare rump steak, with shoestring fries, lambs leaf lettuce, a fried mushroom and tomato, with garlic butter on top. There was also some perfect English mustard on the side – an essential with steak! It was utterly delicious and devoured with vigour.


Another drink to accompany the football, this Young’s Bitter was very tasty, but could not take away the bitter taste of defeat, as Sevilla won the game 3-1, in a classic game of two halves, with Liverpool dominating in the first half, and then forgetting to turn up for the second.

Lovely to be back at this lovely London pub with its wooden floors, lots of wooden panelling, a bright and airy dining room at the back and a tiled finish on the outside. Last time I said I hoped to come back and try the food, and I’m glad I did. Great pub. MOFAD approved!