300th post!

It’s another milestone post and another double celebration. Only six weeks on from the 250th post, and we celebrate 300 posts as well as 3,000 tweets.

Since the last round up, there have been several visits to The Needle & Pin, in combination with trips to The Hog Stop. We’ve enjoyed Mrs MOFAD’s awesome birthday cake creation, the comedy of The Coffee Tavern in Pott Shrigley, as well as a few more triple pork nirvana celebrations.


A trip to Edinburgh saw visits to BrewDog, Holyrood 9A and the fantastic Hanging Bat, amongst others.


A return trip to Settle also saw a couple of return visits to the Talbot Arms, as well as new discoveries such as the New Inn and the Black Horse Hotel, as well as another trip to The Lion amongst others.

A quick takeaway from Peter Pizza and then the most recent post about Nethergate, the caring brewery brings us to this 300th post.


There are still another 40 posts in draft form, with a few more from the New Zealand adventure still to come as well as some from Settle and the Bollington birthday weekend.

International visitors continue to accumulate. Who would have thought there would be visits from Hungary, Ethiopia, Taiwan and Tanzania?

The Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/TheMOFAD is still proving popular and you can find the Minister on Twitter @The_MOFAD, where over 3,000 tweets have now made their way out into the world.

Right, time to get back to writing those posts…