The Needle and Pin, Loughborough, May 2016

Another trip to the fantastic Needle & Pin, organised by regular MOFAD drinking companion Alec. No special occasion, just a chance to get together with the boys to drink good beer and eat good pizza.

Let’s start with a drink, a Ginger Pig from Springhead Brewery. I’m a big fan of Springhead, Roaring Meg has been a long time favourite. A visit to The Bees Knees (the Springhead brewery tap) in Laneham in 2014 was a great chance to try plenty of their output and pick up a slab of bottles to take home. Their Ginger Pig stout is one of my favourites.

The “ordinary” Ginger Pig is also a lovely beer, with subtle hints of ginger, rosemary and lime, a cracking pint.

A Muirhouse brewery Choc & Orange mild followed on, with subtle chocolate and orange flavours, very nice.

Then it was time for some pizza, delivered from just around the corner by those nice folks at Peter & That’s Enough. A perfect interlude to great beers.

On to smaller measures now, sampling some of the many bottles and cans that grace the fridges downstairs. This was “Hickey the Rake” by Wylam brewery, an attack of lemons and hops, good sharp flavours.

Hickey was followed by a Speak Easy from Powderkeg, which was fruity and hoppy and had the requisite paleness required by a pale ale.

Finally tonight an N1 by Hammerton Brewery, which is more of a well hopped lager than a pale ale. And like almost all American pale ales, it’s not pale. Still a good beer though.

A thoroughly enjoyable night of excellent ales and a great pizza. Have you been to the Needle & Pin yet? Why not?

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