Peter Pizza, Loughborough (takeaway option)

A quick Peter post. I have visited their fine establishment to enjoy some pizza a few times, but that was in pre-MOFAD days, so no review exists yet. Although it would be a positive one, unlike the one that appears on their side wall, “Come and try the worst pizza one guy on TripAdvisor ever had”. Definitely not my experience.

You’ll just have to make do with this quick takeaway post instead. Whilst enjoying a night out with some vinyl and ale at The Needle & Pin, we ordered some pizzas to be delivered. For what is beer without pizza or pizza without beer? The Needle & Pin is a proper micropub, so no food facilities, but you can bring in food from elsewhere, especially Peter, who will deliver your pizza directly to the pub (it’s only a short distance between the two).

So a quick note on pizza number 2, Italian sausage:-

Simple and delicious. Pizza is often over-complicated and over elaborate. We are essentially talking Italian peasant food, although some people from Chicago occasionally claim that it’s American in origin. I’m quite partial to a few interesting pizzas (crispy duck, when done right, is a good fusion pizza). But you can’t beat something simple – a crisp base, tomato sauce, mozzarella and slices of Italian sausage.

Unfussy. Brilliant. The best pizza for miles around, and it has powered Leicester City to the league title if you believe the Peter Twitter feed 🙂

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