The Shambles Fish & Chip Shop, Settle

Can’t beat that British classic of fish’n’chips. After another nice walk today, we were ready for a takeaway, which we’d decided on last night after winning the pub quiz at the Talbot Arms.

I’m not going to win any awards for presentation, but my approach to fish’n’chips is to get it on the plate and get it in my belly.


A lovely plate of fish’n’chips, nice piece of cod and good chips. Mrs MOFAD’s quest for a Yorkshire fishcake was thwarted once more. They do sell them at The Shambles, but as we are reaching the end of the “old potato” season and crossing into new potato territory, they don’t have enough decent sized potatoes to make Yorkshire fishcakes (a piece of fish between slices of potato). They also have pies, pizzas and burgers on the menu, so it was a chicken & mushroom pie for Mrs MOFAD tonight.


This was all washed down with winnings from last night’s pub quiz, several tasty pints in takeaway cartons. Great fish’n’chips (and a chip butty of course) and great beer. A perfect evening in!

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