The Lister Arms, Malham

Another walk on our Settle walking holiday. Today we started out at Malham Tarn, and walked down through the dale, on to Gordale Scar and on to Malham itself. Lots of limestone to look at…

On to the pub, one of several to choose from in the village. This one happens to be the first one you come to if approaching from Gordale Scar. It was one that looked nice on our previous visit to Malham in August last year (when we had driven over from Settle to visit the Malham Show), so it was high on our list for this visit. Another thing in its favour is that it is one of that great breed of pubs that serves food all day, none of this shutting up shop at 2pm sharp nonsense.

I know I’ve been moaning about this a lot recently, but if you are a pub in a place like this, there is *always* going to be passing trade who won’t happen to be passing between 12 and 2. We passed at around 2:30 and were happy to see everything ready and waiting for hungry customers. You’re always more likely to get a table after 2pm too 🙂

Lots of things to choose from on either the main menu or the lunchtime sandwich menu. I chose the pulled pork focaccia. Look at the size of it:-

It was an enormous (and tasty) sandwich. Points docked for serving it on a rough old bit of wood. Good pulled pork, and not sickly sweet nastiness. I had also ordered some big fat chips, but they really weren’t necessary given the size of the sandwich. However, they were also very tasty, and we managed to finish them off between us all.

This was accompanied by a pint of Bee’s Knees from Three B’s brewery across the border in Lancashire.

This was a pleasant golden ale which promised a hint of honey, but that didn’t really come through. A refreshing pint on a warm spring day though.

The Lister Arms is a great village pub, and with several to choose from, it’s nice to know that the first one you come to (when approaching from the east) just happens to be a good one. It’s a bit of an effort to get in to Malham by road (arguably easier on foot) but if you do make the effort (to visit the Malham Show on August bank holiday weekend for example), then it’s good to be rewarded with a great village pub.


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