Talbot Arms, Settle, May 2016

My Pointless Friend Richard ride again.

Tonight was quiz night at the Talbot Arms, something we checked up on when we visited on Saturday night.

Fluid intake is important for brain activity. So first, a pint of Lancaster Citra, a delicious and hoppy pale ale. The citra hop is often found in many of my favourite ales, delivering a tropical hoppy hit.

Food is also important. Even more so when there’s a triple pork nirvana  at stake.

A lovely bacon cheeseburger, again home made by the lovely kitchen team at the Talbot Arms. It’s so easy to get something like this wrong, by using some cheap and nasty ingredients, but this is all quality stuff, put together with care and attention..

A pint of York Brewery Otherside IPA to go with dinner, very sadly not an IPA at all, just a pleasant bitter.

And then time for the main event, the quiz. This was a bingo style quiz, a variant on one we played last year at the Apple Tree in West Bridgford. The questions are read out in sequence. You have a blank grid, and can put the answers anywhere you like. The secret is to play with a strategy.

To win, you need to get any of the following:-

All four corners

A vertical line

A horizontal line

A diagonal line

Each of these gives you a shot at a prize. Pick a ticket from the hat, and that gives you your prize. An extra element of chance to spice things up a bit!

Before we get to the results, the final beer to accompany the quiz, the fruity bitterness of Main Line from Settle Brewery.

And so to the results. Another victory for My Pointless Friend Richard. And we took away all the prizes. All of them. In other pubs, this could be a bit embarrassing or awkward. But everyone is very friendly here, so it was fine. We got all four corners, a horizonal line, a vertical line and a diagonal. There were some answers that we were not sure about and some we got blatantly wrong. But careful placement won us all of these:-

We collected our free crisps straight away. The free beer can also be enjoyed in takeaway cartons, so our plan was to come back tomorrow to collect our winnings to have with a takeaway dinner.

Another enjoyable night out at the Talbot Arms. The best pub in Settle.

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