Talbot Arms, Settle, April 2016

A return visit to a favourite pub, the pub of the month from August 2015, when plans formed for a fairly swift return visit to Settle. Eight months have passed and we are true to our word. So it was only right and proper that we return on our first night.

A packed house tonight, as you would probably expect for a sunny Saturday night in springtime. Almost standing room only, but we squeezed in to a tiny table by the pool table, directed by the ever-friendly landlord. We perused the menu, and just a few minutes later another table was vacated, and that lovely landlord diverted us across to it.

Off to the bar to order, a lamb burger with tzatziki for me and a pork, cranberry and tarragon pie for Mrs MOFAD, both from the specials board. Some refreshment too, a pint of Moorhouse’s White Mist, an interesting wheat beer with biscuit, orange and coriander notes. Light and easy drinking. The on tap cider option was one that Mrs MOFAD had not enjoyed when she last had it (thanks Untappd!), so it was Bulmers Pear instead.

A quick reminisce about our previous visit, and then, as if by magic, the shopkeeper appeared. Ok, he didn’t. But another friendly member of staff did, bringing our dinner over. We swiftly tucked in, and it was just as lovely as our last visit. A tasty pie, and a very nice lamb burger indeed.

Another pint to wash it down with, Rooster’s Ragged Point, an American style stout, with complex hop and floral notes to complement the usual roasty toastiness you expect in a stout.

Another lovely meal at the Talbot, still the best pub in Settle with the best landlord and great beers available. We’re coming back on Wednesday when “My Pointless Friend Richard” will be riding again for the pub quiz…

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