Pub of the month, April 2016

A very hard choice this month. I’ve visited lots of pubs as a result of a few days in Edinburgh, discovered a great new local pub, and also been back to the pub of the month for August 2015.

Enough of my #firstworldproblems, let’s get on with choosing a winner.

Although it was a winner back in August 2015, The Talbot Arms in Settle only makes the shortlist this time. That shows how tough the competition was this month! We went for dinner here on our first night of a week in Settle (you should expect quite a few Yorkshire establishments to feature in next month’s pub of the month round up). Another lovely meal, the landlord is still as nice as ever, and the beer selection is still great.


To Edinburgh next, and Holyrood 9A, which just to happened to be one of the closest pubs to the hotel that I was staying in whilst in Edinburgh. I was actually intending to go somewhere else on this particular night, but a massive downpour convinced me to seek solace in Holyrood 9A instead. This was a good choice.

Holyrood 9A have a good range of burgers, a few other food options, and a great range of beers from near and far. They serve in thirds, which means that you can try three different beers whilst only drinking a pint. If you are a bit of a beer explorer, this is a wondrous thing. It also means that if you don’t particularly enjoy one, you don’t need to worry about it too much.


We stay in Edinburgh for BrewDog Edinburgh, which was blessed with two visits (because they have cracking beer!) If you’ve been to any BrewDog, you’ll know what to expect, a “modern industrial” feel, loads of BD beers on tap, as well as 5 or 6 guest taps, and then loads of bottles and cans, again both BD and guest. Excellent wifi also made this a good venue for a Skype call to Mrs MOFAD 🙂 Didn’t have chance to try the pizzas, but they looked good. Oh, and I didn’t even mention Iron Man pinball machine!!!


Back home for The Needle & Pin. They’ve been open since December 2015, but various things got in the way of that all important first visit, so it had to wait until the start of this month. You can read more about the history of the pub and how it got its name in the review post. It is a cracking micro pub, all about beer. They have no kitchen but you can bring in your own food from any local establishment. They also have a delivery arrangement with our local pizza palace, Peter. You can ring your order through and they will deliver directly to the pub, cash on delivery. On this visit some of us went to The Hog Stop across the road for a delicious porky bap. I think it is already my new favourite town pub.


For this month’s winner, we return to Edinburgh, to The Hanging Bat. It took me several attempts to get here, due to some inclement weather conditions last week. As it was over a mile from my hotel, it needed conditions to be right. Eventually they were, so I headed over, the lure of 20 taps of ale and lots of smoked meats was just too strong to resist. Obviously I chose the pulled pork to eat (I’m the predictable pulled pork guy). With so much beer choice, that takes a bit longer, but they do “flights” of 5 x 1/3 of a pint. And they don’t need you to choose them all on the spot and pour them. You get tokens which you can use to order when you are ready. This gives you time to work out what to have next, either using the old fashioned “talking to people” method (this would never work in London), or more modern methods such as seeing if your mates on Untappd have had any of them.


Many great beers were sampled, and the pulled pork was perfect. I did predict that this would be April’s pub of the month, and that prediction came true. A fantastic pub in a city packed with so many great ones. Very highly recommended for anyone visiting Edinburgh. There’s bound to be a beer of your favourite style on. And the food is great.

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