The Mitre, Royal Mile, Edinburgh

A pub I’ve visited before, when on a trip here in April 2014. We had a burger and a beer on that visit, and it was pretty good. I was continuing my Edinburgh research tonight, so popped in for a drink before turning in for the night. It doesn’t seem to have changed all that much, which is a good thing.

In 1615, the site of this pub was occupied by a fine tenement that was owned by John Spottiswood, then Bishop of St Andrews. The tenement burned down in 1814 and was replaced by The Mitre – a nod to the bishop’s headgear. Legend has it that the bishop’s throne is buried under what is now the bar area. Some say his spirit still walks the pub. I say no.

A quick peek at the menu shows the usual pub grub, and plenty of decent ales to choose from, coming from near and far. They also have a few ciders on, including Thistly Cross Elderflower and Weston’s Caple Road and Caple Road Dry, which are new to me. Some nice looking puddings on the menu too, including that Scottish favourite cranachan.

I had a pint of Cameron’s Craft Fridge Magnet, which was bitter but not a pale ale.

Certainly worth another visit, if only to try the Belgian IPA.

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