OX184, Cowgate, Edinburgh 

It’s 8pm. You’ve recently got off a plane. You’ve travelled from the airport on the tram. It’s not a myth, the Edinburgh tram, the butt of so many Festival jokes in recent years actually exists, and is a great way to get into the city from the airport. You’ve got off the tram and walked down to your hotel and checked in. What you want is some tasty food and great beer just a couple of minutes away from your hotel.

For me, that was Ox184. It was buzzing when I entered, a huge group had been dining. Unfortunately, they misinformed me that their queue was the queue to order food, when it wasn’t. This misunderstanding cleared up, I was shown to a table, ordered some food and a beer.

Unfortunately, the beer took ages to arrive, despite sitting on the bar for at least 5 minutes. I think that they were still a bit flustered from the large group leaving and hadn’t quite worked out how to return to normal again.

When it did arrive, the waitress was full of apologies, and the beer itself was full of hops, a Long White Cloud from Tempest brewery, which was a delicious start to the night.

Very shortly afterwards, dinner arrived, a chicken long boy, smoked chicken with roasted peppers and mushrooms, a chilli mayo and rocket, with skinny fries. You will note that plates are not in evidence, with the food being served on waxed brown paper on a tray. The photo is a little blurry as I was ravenous by this point, and didn’t want to wait much longer to get it in my belly.

Speaking of waiting, I ordered another drink, a Tempest Armadillo pale ale, which was a pleasant and hoppy pale ale. Whilst enjoying this, I observed a pair of drunkards at the bar who were a bit of a mess, falling off of the bar stool and generally being a bit rowdy. They provided brief amusement whilst I waited for the bill, which also took a while to arrive.

I think I caught them on an off night, so it’s probably worth another visit at a later date to have another go. The smell of smoking meat as you walk past is a very tempting one. Nice little touch when your bill arrives – a sweetie!

As Arnie says, I’ll be back.


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