Brewdog Edinburgh

Like a moth to a flame, I am drawn to a Brewdog bar. Much has been written about them in recent years, they are certainly not shy about courting publicity. Whatever you may think of them and their media outpourings, I think it’s fair to say that they make good beer.

Although often known for their hoppy ales, they make lots of different styles of beer. And their “modern industrial” style bars are a very good bet as somewhere to go for a good beer in an unfamiliar city (or even a familiar city, as Edinburgh is to me).

BrewDog Edinburgh does a small range of food (a few pizzas and a few other options). But the most important thing is the beer – lots of taps of Brewdog brews and five or six guest ales available too. The fridge is absolutely stuffed with bottles and cans, both Brewdog and guest.

First up, BrewDog Hop Fiction, an American pale ale full of grapefruity, hoppy goodness – pure fact, no fiction. Delicious and it sold out soon afterwards.

And finally tonight, a BrewDog Doodlebug, a hopped up session pale ale, with all of the hoppy flavours and just 2.8% #keepitsession

One final note – Ironman pinball machine!!!


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