The Needle & Pin, Loughborough, April 2016 #2

I wrote about The Needle & Pin a couple of weeks ago, so go and visit that post to learn more about Loughborough’s newest pub, and its history. I predicted more visits and more reviews. I was right.

First up today, The Needle & Pin Brew #3 by Pheasantry Brewery. Yes, that’s right The Needle & Pin have commissioned their own beers to be served in the pub. Brew #3 is a golden dry hopped version of Pheasantry Brewery’s Dancing Dragonfly, and is hoppy, dark golden ale, very drinkable for 5% – good stuff.

A quick snack is required, a tasty beef brisket roll from The Hog Stop across the road:-

And another drink, a Cavendish Bridge by Shardlow Brewing Company, this was a fairly standard bitter with slight hints of biscuit:-

The Needle & Pin is definitely my new favourite pub 🙂

The Hog Stop, April 2016 #2

Another quick Hog Stop post. Just a couple of weeks on from the last one, and it’s time for another sandwich. Last time I was espousing about their porky goodness, and I mentioned that they also do beef brisket.

As you’ve probably worked out by now, I love pulled pork. What probably hasn’t come across yet, is that I also love beef brisket. It is my regular Sunday roast joint, usually braised in red wine for several hours. Always tasty and tender, particularly from Ben & Tori, two of our great local farmers who are at the Loughborough Farmers’ Market each month.

So, as The Hog Stop also have some brisket on the go, I had to have it:-

Tender and delicious, with nice peppery rocket and a red cabbage and horseradish slaw. I would like more horseradish in it, but that’s because I love lots of warmth with my beef, with English mustard as the preffered accompaniment. I also have mustard with my roast chicken, which is my dad’s fault, as he didn’t eat chicken or turkey at Christmas, so there was always beef as well, which meant that mustard was on the table. Yes please!

Anyway, enough digressing, this was a very nice sandwich, and proof that the Hog Stop aren’t just about great pork, but great beef too.