Beer of the month, March 2016

This one is going to be rather a New Zealand heavy post, having spent half of the month there, and sampling quite a few beers. The only beer that isn’t from New Zealand is from Mexico, so this one is an international takeover!

Let us begin, with a Kettle Sour by Tuatara Brewery at The Brewers Co-operative – pucker up buttercup, this presented supreme sourness like pear drops in beer form. Wowsers.


Next up we have IPA (anyone shocked by that?) This one was by Good George Brewing, and was a hoppy and pale delight with good tropical fruit notes at lunchtime in Rotorua.


Here comes the non-union Mexican equivalent. If you’re not up on your Simpsons references:-

This is Day of the Dead Chocolatl Stout (The Necromancer) by Cervecería Mexicana. Easter in a glass. All of the chocolate. All of it. A lovely chocolate stout.


Back down to New Zealand we go, with Oh Lordy! by Funk Estate. It’s not hard to see why they called it Oh Lordy. Here comes the hop hammer. Whichever way you turn it smashes you in the face. A delicious pale ale enjoyed on the camp site we stayed at in Hastings. The photo is a little blurry as it was getting late and getting dark.


The next beer is a Fat Monk Pacific Pale, which is a better IPA than their IPA. A totally tropical hoppy delight which was enjoyed in blazing sunshine, eating pizza, listening to music. It was so close to being the winner.


That honour goes to Armageddon IPA by Epic Brewing Company, enjoyed at The Brewers Co-operative. As soon as I tasted it, I made a bold claim – “beer of the month for March. No doubt.”


That claim turned out to be true. A super hoppy smack down with malty and tropical fruit notes. It could have been paler but that’s just me and my obsession with pale ales being pale… A worthy winner which goes through to beer of the year…

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