250 posts

Yes, it’s another milestone post. Just over a year since the idea for the MOFAD blog appeared on my radar and I have already made it to 250 posts. Just a couple of months since the 200 mark was reached, and there’s a lot to reflect on.

Just a week after the last milestone, we visited a lovely village pub, The Nag’s Head in Stapleton. This featured a tasty burger in an interesting serving device:-


There was a brief musical interlude, and then a trip to London which generated eight posts, from places old and new, including The Monument pub on Fish Street Hill, which we visited before climbing the actual monument.


January also saw Eternal from Northern Monk crowned as beer of the month, and The Beer Hall in Staveley came out as pub of the month.

February was mostly about the great New Zealand road trip. There was time for another trip to The Marquis Wellington and a new Leicester venue for us, The Parcel Yard. Just a week later we found ourselves on the other side of the world, checking out food and drink venues in Auckland, such as Brothers Beer and the Shakespeare Hotel and Brewery, and then 2 days after that we were in Waihi Beach checking out the wonderful Flat White Cafe Bar.


There are still a lot of posts to come too. There are 7 more New Zealand posts in draft right now, with around 30 more still to come from the trip (we went to a lot of places including lots of wineries on 2 long cycle rides). There are another 7 other posts that need finishing up and a few more that will be generated in April.

The write up of Dodd’s Restaurant is the new top article with over 100 views and Triple Pork Nirvana continues to be the most popular page, spreading the word of pork (it’s still the first result on Google if you search for the term!) There are now visitors from Sri Lanka, Hungary and Tanzania.

The Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/TheMOFAD is still proving popular and you can find the Minister on Twitter @The_MOFAD, where over 2,500 tweets have now made their way out into the world.

Right, time to get back to writing those posts…

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