The Manor House at Quorn, March 2016

A jet lagged MOFAD post.

Mrs MOFAD was very jet lagged. It was her birthday, but just 30 hours ago we were stepping off a plane at Heathrow, having spent 24 hours in the air, and a few in the middle of those 24 wandering around Los Angeles airport in between flights.

The conditions were not ideal for a birthday lunch out, but we decided to give it a go, despite Mrs MOFAD not being on top form. We trundled off to The Manor House at Quorn where we have eaten both together and apart (with different sets of friends/colleagues). It’s a lovely countryside village pub which has built itself a reputation for good food.

Mrs MOFAD ordered a mediterranean chicken sandwich, with pesto, sundried tomatoes and salad, accompanied by salad and big fat chips, although sadly served on slate not plate. It was very tasty.

My beer was keeping it local, a pint of Old School from our most local brewery, Charnwood Brewery, who I’ve still not visited yet! This was very tasty, good hop character but with some balanced caramel coming through from the malt. A good winter/fireside ale which also went down well in the March sunshine that was streaming through the window.

On to my lunch, a pork and chorizo burger with a decent salad and good chips. The big positive is the plate (as Mrs MOFAD had to put up with slate). However, there was something not quite right about the burger. The texture was too coarse, and it hadn’t bound together very well so it had a bit of a crumbly feel to it. The taste was ok, but it was the texture that just wasn’t quite right.

A nice lunch overall, but we didn’t linger as there was still lots of recovering to do after our trip. Looking forward to coming back here again and trying some more dishes.

The great New Zealand road trip 2016…

You may have spotted that I’ve been a bit quiet in the last few weeks, this is with very good reason. We have been touring around the North island of New Zealand in a motorhome, experiencing lots of great food and drink along the way.

What this means is that I have about 40 blog posts to write over the coming weeks (and possibly months!) which will cover just about everywhere we ate and drank, including on planes, camp sites with their own pizza ovens, quirky cafes, wineries, brewery taps and airport dining outlets.

To start you off, here’s a hastily cobbled together montage of some photos from my phone, there are over 500 to sort through from the “main” camera…