Flight NZ2 Auckland to Los Angeles, March 2016

Another “post on a plane”. As our NZ adventure draws to a close, there are just a few more food opportunities to go. We left Auckland late on a Sunday evening, and after a small snack at the airport before take off, we were still hungry enough for some dinner, as we were about to start Saturday afternoon all over again.

Good food again on this leg of the journey, a light starter of lemongrass chicken with mint dressing, crispy shallots, cucumber and chive salad, organic sourdough bread.

Several choices of main course:-

Chicken tagine with olives, figs, chickpeas, sauteed kale and smoked yoghurt (!)

Paprika dusted hapuka (a native fish of NZ) with chive mash and sauce vierge

Slow cooked beef with wild mushroom jus, crushed parsnips and green beans – this was my choice and was tasty.

Pudding was apple and manuka honey (#obvs!) crumble torte with feijoa cream. Feijoa is another popular NZ fruit which has an odd soapy taste.

Before landing, a breakfast is served, a potato and spinach baked egg frittata with veal sausage and ratatouille with tomato relish. The ratatouille was a bit of a mis-step, it doesn’t quite work with everything else. And the sausage could do with some more browning!

Still another tasty in-flight meal though, Air NZ have really done a good job on their catering.



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