Return to The Brewers Co-operative, Victoria Street West, Auckland

Not even 24 hours later, and we’re back.

After a day out at the zoo, it was our final night in New Zealand (waiting for a plane tomorrow night doesn’t really count). Our visit here last night was enought to convince us to come back here for dinner tonight.

So, beer first, starting the night off with a Kettle Sour from Tuatara Brewery. A superb sour ale, like pear drops in beer form – this was stunning.

After some chat and some refreshment, dinner arrives. Classic chip shop style. I know that I am a committed advocate of plates but I’m going to forgive this one because it fits perfectly with the environment, and they are very open and up front about it.

Opening up reveals this selection of fishy delights:-

Squid rings, lobster bites, scallops, mussels, salmon cubes, all with good chips and tomato and tartare sauce – and you can get all of this to take away too, like a proper fish’n’chip shop. Quality fish, and washed down with some amazing beer. And here’s another one of those beers, an Armageddon IPA by Epic Brewing Company, an awesome smackdown of hops with malty and tropical fruit notes. [Edit : it won the title of beer of the month for March]

Mrs MOFAD had the fish of the day with potatoes and salad and a shrimp sauce. This was also delicious. It’s been great to enjoy so much fish here.

I finished up with a TPPA from Liberty Brewing, which promised hops from 4 countries, but was unfortunately unable to deliver on that hoppy promise. Nice enough, just lacking in those hops.

A quick decor shot, and yes those are ammo boxes on the wall. Other walls are decorated with cuttings from 1950s newspapers and adverts. Some excellent nostalgia to keep you entertained.

And what is the end of a holiday without a final night selfie?

A fantastic pub and eatery, MOFAD approved! A great way to round off the New Zealand road trip 2016! Recommended if you find yourself in the Auckland CBD.

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