The Brewers Co-operative, Victoria Street West, Auckland

A quick beery post. After another dinner at The Shakespeare, we decided to take another short stroll to find something new to drink.

We had passed the Brewers Co-operative way back on our first day in the city, on the way to Brothers Beer and The Food Truck Garage.

They are all about quality craft beer from around these isles, which is a pretty good decision, since there’s so much to choose from. After you’ve been here for a couple of weeks, you soon recognise some of the names like Garage Project, 8 Wired, Epic and Liberty.

They also have a kitchen which specialises in fish dishes – a quick peek at the menu and we had made up our minds to come back tomorrow for dinner.

Tonight we just had a drink, an 8 Wired Semiconductor Session IPA for me, which was a hoppy tropical delight, definitely a beer made with me in mind. Mrs MOFAD had a Crisp Apple Cider from Zeffer.

Excuse the arty photo, I was more interested in drinking this delicious hoppy beverage than photographing it.

We’ll be back tomorrow!

Return to The Shakespeare Hotel and Brewery, Auckland, March 2016

You might recall that we came here on our first night in Auckland, so this post will feel quite familiar. We returned to Auckland this afternoon after dropping off Bruce, our motorhome companion for the last couple of weeks. This meant we were in much better spirits than last time, when jet lag was creeping up after 24 hours in the air and a day of trying to stay awake.

We even sat at the same table as last time, and Mrs MOFAD was as pleased to be back as me:-

The Bard pale ale was my favourite on the last visit, and as there was nothing different on this time, a few of those went down very nicely. Similarly, I opted again for that lovely “The Works of Shakespeare” burger, with a fried egg, bacon, beetroot, tomato, lettuce and a pineapple ring.

Mrs MOFAD chose the chicken, mango and noodle salad, which was lighter and very refreshing. A good choice on a warm autumn evening.

Last time we met locals and had a chat, this time we ended up chatting to a few Brummies who happened to be working there. It’s a small world, but one which contains lovely pubs like this one.