Unison Vineyard, Hawkes Bay

Our wine and cycling tour continues. After two disappointments, first at Trinity Hill and then at Te Awa, we were hoping for third time lucky here. We sort of got that.

Originally, this was to have been our lunch stop, but due to some mystical spidey-sense, we had lunch at Abbey Cellars instead. This proved extra wise.

Today, Unwined Café @ Unison Vineyard was closed. Their chef had the day off to go to his brother’s wedding. This was no problem though, because they had a reserve chef ready to step in. Only he didn’t turn up. So on a beautiful Saturday afternoon in Hawkes Bay, they had a lovely empty cafe with no-one available to cook in it. Luckily they did have some delicious cakes available, so we had some of them, including a very tasty dark chocolate tart:-

Then, some wines. We tasted our way around some of their offerings, including a very nice Rocky Riesling and a Rocky Rose, both of which found their way into our bags and on to the plane home.

And we had a lot of chat with the lovely Terry, yet another ex-pat who was running the tasting, talking about life back home, Derbyshire, the Peak District and various other things. Back home in England it had just snowed, so we were sharing photos of the snow and stories of snowy days. As you can see, we had beautiful blue skies so it was lovely to look at snow without having to deal with it 🙂

A lovely little family winery, hopefully the cafe will be open the next time we visit, but it was still a very pleasant hour of eating, drinking and chatting about wine, the universe and everything.


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