Crafty Trout Brewing Co, Taupo

On some days, you really do earn your dinner. Perhaps you might have done a long walk. We had done that. Today we’d been up to Huka Falls and Craters of the Moon, both up above Taupo. It was a great walk in glorious sunshine, and we covered over 15 miles. The last thing you really want after that is another walk down to Taupo (and back up again when finished) for dinner and beer. But that’s what we were faced with, because I really wanted to visit the Crafty Trout.

As you can see, we’d done a lot of steps by this point…

So, onto the beers and food. First up a “Line”, a delicate lemony, hoppy lager – you can’t get much fresher than this, perfect refreshment after such a long day

On to the food. They keep it simple with the menu, with a choice of 8 pizzas, a schnitzel, pie, spare ribs, fish’n’chips, pasta or a cheese’n’meat platter as well as a few other snacks.

It was always going to be pizza, and this one was a bit different, the “Wild Thing”, venison, olives and spiced grape jelly.

A new combination of flavours for me, but a very nice one. A cracking pizza, perfectly executed. This was accompanied by a Vienna Amber, an interesting beer with a touch of green apple flavour to it.

After that it was time for a Sinker, which was supposed to have lovely coffee and chocolate notes, but was far too cold, so the flavours were rather strangled.

All in all, a great trip to the Trout. Had we not been so tired, we would probably have hung around a lot longer and enjoyed the laid back atmosphere some more. Instead, we had to face the walk back up the hill to our camp site, so declined any further drinks.

A cracking pub in Taupo and 100% MOFAD approved – brewery fresh beer and great food.

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