Craft Bar and Kitchen, Rotorua

The next leg of our NZ road trip finds us in Rotorua. If you read anything about Rotorua, people will generally say that you have to go there, but it smells.

They are right. It stinks of sulphur, due to all of the activity underground, bubbling up and bursting to the surface all over town. It’s like a stinking sauna.

We decided to make Rotorua our lunch stop today, just enough time to see steamy, bubbly stuff, but not long enough for it to permeate all of your pores.

So any lunch stop really needs some lunch. Our choice was the Craft Bar and Kitchen, situated on Tutanekai Street along with lots of other outlets.

Let’s start with drinks first – they do mini flights from the beer and cider menu. I started off with Good George APA, which was hoppy not pale enough. I’m sure you’ve heard that one before 🙂 There was also a Good George IPA, a hoppy pale ale with tropical fruits on the palate. It was also pretty pale, which was better.

Mrs MOFAD opted for a Doris plum cider which was fruity and tart, which was a relief as it could have been sickly sweet.

I opted for the very tasty bacon cheeseburger, a home-made delight which was a great lunch option.

Mrs MOFAD opted for the fish sliders which were also very tasty. Luckily the CBK is far enough away from most of the underground activity that you can’t really smell the sulphur. This is important when eating lunch!

The CBK is a great place for lunch in Rotorua. Good food and a good selection of beers.