Flat White Cafe Bar, Waihi Beach

Round these parts, it’s pronounced “flit whaart”. Just a short stroll from the campsite we are staying at, the Flat White had a major makeover last year, and you can watch the transformation whilst eating your dinner, as they have a slideshow rolling away on their screens inside.

It was well worth the effort, as the place looks great. Even on a moist and warm evening with the doors wide open and crickets hopping about looking for a late night snack. Last night, I was their late night snack. Finding one of those on your chest in the middle of the night is a bit of a shock.

Let’s start with a drink, a Hallertau pale ale, essentially a hopped up lager which works well on a warm day. They have a couple of Hallertaus on tap and several others in bottles. 


Lots of lovely things on the menu. As we are by the sea (you can see it through the “patio” doors), something from the deep to start – flour dusted, flash fried calamari with aioli, lemon and a little salad. This was delicious. Super fresh seafood, served simply. 


On to the main event, panko crumbed chicken breast (the Japanese breadcrumbs made from crustless bread) with pine nut, spinach and cream cheese filling, scallop potato (I would call them boulangere potatoes), broccolini and chimmichuri dressing.


This was also delicious, succulent chicken, great flavours and a good portion size. It was a lovely evening, really like this place. 

It is most certainly MOFAD approved, and a MOFAD card was secreted about the premises. The best dining in Waihi Beach. 

Waikino station cafe, Waikino

Old railway lines turned into cycle paths? Disused stations turned into visitor centres and cafes? All sounds a bit Derbyshire or Hampshire.

However, we find ourselves much further south than that, in Waikino, New Zealand. This morning, we cycled over from Waihi, where a few trains run each day for tourists. You can also take your bike on the trains, and it’s much easier to do than on East Midlands trains!

We arrived in Waikino in good time for lunch, and the cafe was very busy on a lovely sunny Sunday lunchtime. Their signage proclaims their “big juicy burgers” so it was an easy choice for me. There’s quite a bit on the menu, Mrs MOFAD opted for a chicken panino. 


As you can see, it was a fairly big burger, and definitely juicy. The token salad on the side amused me. The burger had some good lettuce leaves inside and a nice chutney. 

As well as a refreshing lemonade, the burger was washed down with a bottle of Epic pale ale – this lived up to the name with 15 hops and good bitterness. 

A great place for a lunch stop on a cycle ride. MOFAD approved!