Remedy Coffee, Wellesley Street, Auckland, February 2016

If your hotel package doesn’t include breakfast (ours often don’t as we have access to discount rates that exclude it), then one of the most important things to find is somewhere to enjoy this essential  meal which sets you up for the day.

In the middle of a city (and for once the New Zealand definition of a city is correct when referring to Auckland), there are loads of options, and lots of chains. Chains are good, but we decided to seek out something a bit different, and found the quirky Remedy Coffee just around the corner from our hotel.

As soon as you enter, you pick up on the great vintage vibe of the place, cutlery and crockery that doesn’t match, a book swap shelf, a rather huge selection of Marvel comics, even board games to play over breakfast or a leisurely lunch. There were also great tunes on the stereo (different to the usual 80s rock output of the radio stations we encountered).

It was nice to see tea in a good old teapot with cosy – classic retro stuff.

Good bacon rolls too, very tasty bacon and freshly baked rolls.

However, I might need to report them to “we want bowls” for serving muesli in jars instead of bowls – an annoying hipster trend that has travelled halfway round the world.

Apart from this blemish, a lovely little cafe, perfect for a relaxed city centre breakfast. You can sit outside, but it’s quite noisy, so you can make your own mind up about that.

MOFAD approved, and a card was left somewhere 🙂

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