The Food Truck Garage, Auckland

Like their nearby neighbours Brothers Beer, The Food Truck Garage are based in the old City Works Depot in Auckland. Their journey began as a TV series where they attempted to turn junk food into good food.

A rare thing (in our experience at least), a home grown TV show in New Zealand (all we saw were BBC and Channel 4 repeats). With over 700,000 people tuning in each week (big viewing figures for a country with a population of only 4.5 million), “The Food Truck” was an instant hit.

In 2013 they set up the Food Truck Garage in Auckland, a permanent eatery to go alongside their mobile truck (a classic old Bedford van which my dad would have loved). On our first day in Auckland we found ourselves here after a trip to Brothers Beer in order to stock up on some native ales.

On a lovely warm Friday, we found ourselves a table outside and ordered some lunch. They have eight different burgers to choose from (I picked the beefroot, a mixture of minced beef and beetroot – that classic Antipodean burger ingredient, which was topped with something called awesome sauce). There are also salads and tacos available, and Mrs MOFAD had chicken tacos (with “especial” sauce). I was hoping for a Hallertau pale ale to start off my New Zealand drinking adventure, but there was a problem with their taps, so we settled for some “old fashioned lemonade” instead, which was cool and refreshing, perfect for tired travellers.

A lovely place for a lunchtime pit stop.

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