Shakespeare Hotel and Brewery, Auckland

On your first night in a new city, it’s important to find somewhere great to eat and unwind with a drink. Hopefully you won’t be too jet lagged and fall asleep in your plate.

I’d been doing some research on nearby eateries, and just a few hundred yards up the road from where we were staying was The Shakespeare, a hotel, pub, restaurant and brewery all rolled into one.

To start with, a glass of “The Bard” pale ale. Yes, everything has a Shakespeare theme. A delicious hoppy pale ale (a bit too dark for my definition of pale).

Lots to choose from to eat, including what the menu calls “the best burgers in Auckland”. With a claim like that, you’ve got to try one.

I opted for “The Works of Shakespeare” burger, with a fried egg, bacon, beetroot, tomato, lettuce and a pineapple ring. Definitely the full works. A big portion and very tasty. A proper hand made burger, perfectly cooked, juicy and delicious.

Mrs MOFAD opted for a chicken pasta dish which had a lot of garlic butter. And I mean absolutely loads. But even the strength of the garlic wasn’t enough to help her stay awake – jet lag was kicking in. You may also spot that Antiopdean staple of snow pea tops as a garnish.

There was just enough time for me to have a glass of “The Jester” Pilsner, very easy drinking but needs a drier finish.

Before we left, we had a bit of a chat with a friendly local chap who told us some tales of the area. The Shakespeare is definitely MOFAD approved and a card was left.

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