Flight NZ1, London to Los Angeles

Reviewing food on a plane might look a bit like showing off, but you could argue that the reviews that follow when we reach our destination (New Zealand) are even more showing off.  Anyway, it’s my blog so I’ll just get on with it.

On this route, Air New Zealand operate a Boeing 777-300 which features their Spaceseat™, designed so that the person sitting in front of you can’t recline into your personal space. The seats that run through centre of the aircraft have been designed for couples, so you can relax together, or turn to face each other to share a meal. The rows of seats by the windows are designed for those who might need to work, or for those who prefer to keep themselves to themselves during the flight.

It’s not first class, but it’s a pretty nice seat.

Lots of in flight entertainment to choose from, plenty of films, TV series and other entertainments.

On to the food, which is “designed” by arguably New Zealand’s most famous chef, Peter Gordon, a staple of UK TV cookery programmes in the late nineties and early noughties. As dinners in the sky go, it was pretty nice, a good chicken dish with nice vegetables.  Even the mash (something so many home cooks struggle with) was good at 40,000 feet…

There’s also a nice salmon starter, sourdough bread and a pudding, as well as a nice glass of Hawkes Bay red (somewhere we’ll be going in a week or so).

Some healthy fruits for breakfast:-

And you can’t land in America without having had a doughnut first:-

And there’s even a reasonable cup of tea on offer:-

As well as this egg and bacon muffin cup thing, hearty and filling:-

The first airline to be MOFAD approved, the nicest food we’ve had on a plane! Actually looking forward to all of the other flights now…

London’s Pride, Terminal 2, Heathrow Airport

When departing these fair shores, it’s always nice to have a good “homely” experience before taking to the skies.

Fullers have thought of that too, which is why you will find a pub at Heathrow Terminal 2. The pub is called London’s Pride, named after arguably their most famous brew.

They also know that travellers do not always have hours to spare to sit and linger over a meal. No problem if you have, but if you’ve got a plane to catch (everyone here fits broadly under that definition) then they can guarantee to get your food out to you in 15 minutes, so you don’t end up rushing to your gate.

This was our lunch stop before catching our flight to New Zealand, via LA. 24 hours is a long time to spend in the sky, so you need to make sure you are prepared for that.

A tasty cheese and bacon burger and chips is pretty good preparation, and even though the chips arrive in a trendy bucket, there is at least a plate to put them on so that they can be seasoned properly.

A tasty burger needs a tasty pint. How about an exclusive one? Fuller’s Wingman is brewed for and available exclusively from this pub in Terminal 2. There’s also Cornish Orchards cider, which is one of Mrs MOFAD’s favourites.

If you’re catching a flight from Terminal 2, this would be a perfect place for a pre-flight meal. The first airport establishment to be MOFAD approved!