The Parcel Yard, Leicester, February 2016

What’s this? A show at De Montfort Hall, and we are not eating at the Marquis? No, because we ate there last night. Mrs MOFAD didn’t fancy a second night there. So instead we wandered down next to the station to visit this pub that I’ve walked past countless times when leaving the station. 

Refreshments first. For me a pint of Draft Punk by Sheehans Music. If you know Leicester, then you might know a music shop on the other side of the station. It’s called Sheehans Music, and they asked local brewery Everards to make them a beer. This lovely bitter pint is the result. 

If Carlsberg made cider… Oh they do. It’s called Somersby. Mrs MOFAD describes it as perfectly pleasant. I say meh.

On to dinner. A good menu to choose from here, I went with the Q Burger – beef patty, pulled pork, crispy bacon, Red Leicester, onion rings, pickles served with fries and coleslaw. It was very tasty. 

You will also spot Mrs M’s margherita pizza, a simple classic which was also very tasty and authentic. 

On to the show. Katherine Ryan’s new show, Kathbum, with support from Joe Lycett. Joe was great as usual. The main event was a bit of a mixed bag. Despite being a new show, there was a lot of material from Glam Role Model last year. It’s still funny stuff, but a lot more repeats than I was expecting. Her Cheryl Cole routine was worth a second outing though. As the tour goes on, I would expect newer material to replace it.  

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