More PR fluff

Another piece of PR fluff that has floated my way.

"Turn Up the Heat on Valentine’s Day with Food Noir’s Opulent Desire 
Not wearing a blindfold at dinner? You're doing it wrong!"

Well, that’s a load of rubbish to start off with. Who on earth wears a blindfold at dinner? Let’s read on through the fluff.

Food Noir, the capital’s sauciest dining club, has big plans for 
Valentine’s Day 2016, with an extravagant pop-up going by the name of 
DESIRE. DESIRE is the second in the series of Food Noir’s dining clubs, 
following on from the sold out TEMPTATION events which beguiled diners 
throughout the autumn.

How exactly did this beguiling occur?

After luring in legions of fans with an atmospheric, multi-sensory 
experience that combines food, music, live acts and a multitude of 
other tantalising elements, Food Noir is setting its sights on 
Valentine’s Day. DESIRE, which launches on the 14thFebruary will tease 
and tantalise with an unforgettable experience for avant-garde couples 
that want to take a step outside the box. The new DESIRE by FOOD NOIR 
events will run once per month for three months.

Well, you haven’t really told us anything yet. There are going to be some events.

With exquisite interiors in exclusive settings, immersive risqué 
theatre performances and atmospheric soundscapes purposely created f
or FOOD NOIR  by the award winning visual music creators, Qritikal 
Media are designed to stimulate every sense. Coming alive in DESIRE, 
the signature FOOD NOIR ambience is set to a backdrop of world-class 
cuisine. Food Noir has built a reputation for decadent multi-sensory, 
utterly unique dining experience like nothing else available anywhere 
in the capital.

Ok, a bit of dinner, a few drinks and an iPod playlist. What next?


Madame Noir of Nude Noir, the elusive force behind Food Noir, says, “As 
someone who is intimately familiar with the things that bring pleasure 
to my audiences, I innately understand how important it is to tantalise 
each and every one of the senses. Whether you’re sampling exquisite 
cuisine while wearing a blindfold, or watching our professional 
performers while deeply inhaling musky incense, my second in series 
exclusive DESIRE dining club takes guests further on a journey of 
exploration, all studded with elements of surprise. TEMPTATION was 
breathtaking and DESIRE builds the suspense to a goosebump-tingling 

I don’t really want any musky incense whilst having a bit of dinner, can you leave that bit out? They want you to pay 100 quid for this weirdness. We live in a strange world.