Beer of the month, January 2016

A round up of #tryanuary. January 2016 was the second #tryanuary, a campaign on social media to encourage people to try new beers and visit their local pubs in January, traditionally a hard month for publicans after the excesses of December, and so many other campaigns like #dryanuary and stupid detox programmes. You have something that detoxes you every day. It’s called a liver. Treat it with some respect and it will look after you.

So, on to the beers of the month. First up with have the Madness IPA from The Wild Beer Co. This promises much on the nose, and delivers about 90% of that. I was expecting a knockout blow of hops, more of a strong jab. Pretty tasty stuff though.


Next up we have Baby-Faced Assassin from Rooster’s. Another hoppy style, in the form of an American IPA.

Hop faced killer, qu’est que c’est?


Moving away from hops (for a moment or two) we have Tally-Ho Reserve 2014 from Adnams, an English barley wine stuffed full of treacle and molasses, almost like a sweetened old ale. Big and bold stuff.


We stay dark with Old Engine Oil from Harviestoun Brewery, a thick beast. Dark and delicious, yet easily drinkable…


For our winner, we return to those lovely hops, in the shape of Eternal from Northern Monk, full of all the hop flavours, but only 4.1% – top work from a session IPA, a style that many brewers are going for but many are struggling with. This is really good stuff, keeping the numbers low but the hoppiness high.


It goes through to the final for beer of the year.

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