Marquis Cornwallis, Coram Street, Bloomsbury

This post covers three visits to this pub, affectionately known (by Mrs MOFAD and I at least) as the Marsellus Wallace (Ving Rhames’ character from Pulp Fiction). Like the Friend at Hand, it is somewhere I’ve been to before. Quite a few times in fact. I’d never eaten here before, although Mrs MOFAD and I have been here for a drink once or twice, and I’ve been drinking with friends here a good few times, largely due to its proximity to the Holiday Inn across the road where I’ve stayed a number of times, which has a very poor pub attached.

We had intended to eat here on Friday night, but it was absolutely rammed with post-work drinkers that we hadn’t banked on during our two visits looking for tables, so we ended up elsewhere.

The Marquis is now doing breakfasts (I don’t recall this from previous visits) and it offers a good English breakfast for £7 – this is pretty good value given its location, and certainly far better value than the hotel (our rates didn’t include breakfast). Very tasty stuff, just enough to set you up for a day of tourist exploring. It’s not quite a Merkins breakfast, but it will do just nicely.

Here is Saturday’s breakfast:-

And here is Sunday’s:-

They certainly love their griddle pan 🙂

On Saturday night we popped back in for a drink, after our visit to the Soho theatre, and some dinner, as they have a great range of ales, from London breweries and others further afield. There are around 8 taps on, as well as ciders, and lots of bottles and cans to choose from in the fridges. I had an 1888 from Hop Stuff brewery, which was full of hoppy bitterness, probably the best of the weekend.

They also serve pancakes for breakfast, topped with banana, strawberries & honeycomb butter and Mrs MOFAD had these on Sunday morning.

Very tasty stuff.

The Marquis is certainly MOFAD approved. Just don’t visit in the first two weeks of February, as they are closed for refurbishment until the 18th. It will be interesting to see what they do to it.

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