Soho Theatre Bar, Dean Street

A quick one this, as we popped in for a pre-show drink. If I lived in London, I think I’d be at the Soho Theatre every night. Look at who is on over the next few months. John Robins, Bridget Christie, Simon Munnery, Frank Skinner, David Baddiel, Tom Allen, Paul Sinha, Sarah Kendall, Pappy’s, James Acaster and more.

This is what your London weighting would all be blown on, comedy shows every night. Tonight, we were here to see Rob Newman’s latest show, “The Brain Show”. Yes, the first comedian to sell out Wembley Arena (alongside double act partner David Baddiel, who is also here next month) is currently playing some smaller venues, following on from his recent Radio 4 series. As late 80s/early 90s children, we had to be here, along with Hazel & Matt.

After a packed day of tourist stuff, we didn’t have a lot of time to spare tonight, so we hopped in to the box office to pick up our tickets, and then to the bar for a drink. And here’s a pleasant surprise, a full range of Adnams beers. As you might remember, we have been to quite a few Adnams establishments during our trip to Suffolk. Always interesting to find one outside of their heartland, and particularly in the heart of the West End.

So, a pint of Blackshore Stout tonight, which was something that we didn’t come across last year. A nice gentle stout to accompany an evening of comedy. A quick peek at the menu reveals that they have eleven pizzas on the menu, a burger, a club sandwich and a few salads. Nice, simple, pre-show dining if you have time for that.

The Brain Show was a great hour of comedy from Rob Newman, and the Soho Theatre is a great venue. Look forward to returning soon.

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