2015 – another year in beer

This is just a very short statto post. In 2014 I started using Untappd to keep track of the beers that I have been drinking. It’s a great little app if you are a beer explorer, as it helps you to find new beers and avoid beers that you’ve had in the past that you didn’t really like all that much.

In 2015 I tasted 515 new beers and ciders from another 15 different states/counties/countries (on top of the 16 from last year). Before you start arranging an intervention, that’s not 515 pints, but a sample of 515 beers. Some of them will have been pints, others halves, others thirds.

April was a good month for tastings, with 4 visits to a beer festival, although my favourite beer that month came from Spain, Napar Pale Ale from Naparbier. More exploring came the following month with a trip to a brewery, the fantastic Buxton Tap House and the Blenheim Palace food fair (lots of ales from Two Cocks brewery).

The Thornbridge beer festival was the place for a lot more beer sampling in July, and the theme continued for the rest of the year, with beers from supermarkets mingling alongside some lovely ones tried in pubs and at breweries. Being a beer tourist is good fun!

It’s not a competition, but I’m looking forward to seeing what 2016’s stats will be like…

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