The Priory, December 2015

Much like the first visit back in August was swiftly followed by a second, so it was the case that last week’s visit was swiftly followed by another one today.

Once again, nothing new on the ale front, so Deuchars it is.

And then on to that modern pub classic, the pulled pork burger. This one is the “burger topped with pulled pork” variation. You’ll spot that unlike last week, the plates are gone again, and we are back with the board and the copper cup. Treat my burger and chips with the respect it deserves and put it on a plate!

The burger was good, the pulled pork was a subtle addition to it, not some sickly sweet nonsense just plonked on the top. The slaw is still good, and the chips are still nice, it’s just that irritating cup that gets in the way of seasoning them correctly. Bring me my plate!