The Priory at Christmas

At last, plates!!!

If you’ve read about my previous visits, you’ll be aware that I have been calling for plates. Today, they arrived. We had a group outing for an Xmas meal, as it is the season for such things.

As mentioned before, they still don’t have any local ales on, so it’s Deuchars to start.

As with most establishments, they have a separate menu on for Christmas, and there’s a good selection to choose from. Soup, fishcakes or terrine to start, the usual turkey or beef for main, as well as a pan roasted cumberland sausage or cod and a choice of Christmas pudding, marmalade sponge, cheesecake or mincemeat tart to finish.

Once again I stayed away from the turkey, opting for the deep fried breaded cod loin, with saute potatoes, spinach and a tomato sauce. This was very tasty, the fish was juicy, the breadcrumb crispy, and the potatoes and tomato sauce were very nice. Not too filling either, which leaves room for pudding.

Ah yes, pudding. There was no chocolate option. There is a chocolate & peppermint brownie on the evening Xmas menu (which one of our party requested, and they were able to make this). The problem with minted desserts, is that there is only one drink that I’ve ever found that would pair with them, which is Thornbridge Baize, a glorious chocolate mint stout. That’s pretty hard to find, even in pubs that stock local breweries, so the chances of seeing it are slim.

Therefore it was the Christmas staple, Christmas pudding, that found its way to my plate. It was rather disappointing, a small sliver of pud with a brandy sauce. It should be a big chunk of pud, from an obviously Christmas pudding-shaped pudding, with lashings of lovely custard. This was not that.

Finally, to the fridge, for an alternative to the limited range of ales on the pumps. Instead of anything from the region, they choose to stock something from the South island of New Zealand, Monteith’s IPA. I think I need to visit New Zealand to tell them how to make an IPA. This is not it. Not pale. No hops. Tasty enough but not an IPA.

The Priory is a great place for a get together at Christmas.