Miller’s Hotel, Sibson (again)

A return visit to this lovely pub/hotel, to celebrate with regular MOFAD supplier, companion and in-law Jo, who has gained another year. Our previous visit was a very pleasant one, so we had no hesitation in returning for a celebratory lunch. A shame that they couldn’t get our name right on the “reserved” sign, but that was no big deal.

Off we go with another Goose Island IPA, still in the fridges here. Still a hoppy piece of loveliness.

Time for a festive burger next, with bacon, blue cheese and a cranberry relish. This was very messy and very nice. As you can see, it lacked that important element of a plate (I’m still supporting We Want Plates), but it certainly didn’t lack flavour – a very tasty burger indeed, with all of those ingredients combining very well.

And once again, the chocolate themed dessert proves to be the correct choice. This chocolate sundae was a chocolate fest of awesomeness. Chocolate-coated popcorn, chocolate and clotted cream ice cream, chocolate fudge cake pieces, whipped cream and chocolate sauce.

That’s a lot of lovely chocolate, and it was lovely. A proper birthday indulgence. I know it wasn’t my birthday, but that doesn’t mean there’s no need for indulgence.

Looking forward to coming back again, a lovely pub.