Cosy Club, Leicester (again)

A rare visit to the cinema tonight. I think the last time we had a trip to the cinema, it was to see Skyfall in 2012. Fast forward to 2015 and we have tickets to see Spectre, the next Bond film. Like Skyfall before it, it is a very cinematic Bond, so deserves to be seen on the biggest of screens.

First, the small matter of dinner. When you have a 2 hour plus film to watch, nourishment is important. So, we returned to the Cosy Club, for the second time this month. Once again Mrs MOFAD had some Cornish Orchards blush cider, whilst mine was a pint of Dark Side from Bath Ales (I think they’ll be shifting some more of this next month with a new Star Wars film coming out). A hint of roastiness, a gentle stout, which improved as it warmed up.

Tonight we decided to go for tapas, as they have a nice little selection on the menu, with eleven to choose from. We used to go to a lovely little Spanish restaurant on the other side of Leicester, and haven’t had tapas out for a while.

We chose the following:-

Patatas bravas with roasted garlic mayo
Salt and pepper squid with lemon mayo
Pulled chicken and chorizo with crispy potatoes
Mini fish fingers with tartare sauce
Buttermilk fried chicken with chipotle mayo
Sweet potato and basil falafel with tzatziki

A very tasty mix of dishes. The fried chicken was a smaller version of the dish I had on our last visit (the chipotle mayo was less fiery today), the squid was perfectly cooked, the falafel were nice and crunchy, the fish fingers were good and the pulled chicken (does everything have to be pulled nowadays?) and patatas bravas had a classic Spanish flavour to them, with garlic and paprika to the fore.

Also available are hummus topped with spiced sultanas
and chickpeas, seared Asian yellowfin tuna with pickled carrot
and cucumber, halloumi, carrot and chickpeas, chorizo with garlic, red onion and red wine and finally five spice pulled pork (more pulled pork!)

The Cosy Club makes for great pre-cinema dining. We’ll be back next year, probably during the Leicester comedy festival.

PS Spectre was brilliant.

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