The Shambles, Lutterworth

Winter is coming.

Today, it feels like it has arrived. We awoke to a very light dusting of snow, which had all but gone by breakfast time. We had planned a pair of walks just outside Lutterworth, and headed out into the cold morning.

Cold it certainly was. A really icy wind blowing in from the north was certainly making its presence known. Our plan was to stop for lunch at the pub, and then head out for the second walk. This plan soon changed after we found ourselves in a nice warm pub with some nice hot food. That, and the fact that Mrs MOFAD had spotted a wool shop, and was eager to buy more wool to make more Wooly Things.

Back to the pub. The Shambles is an award winner. Community pub of the year for Marston’s. A former abattoir and butchers, it is the oldest timber-framed building in Lutterworth – an historic thatched roof property dating back to the 16th century. It was first used as a public house in 1791, all the way through until 1840 when it was converted back to a home and a butchers. In 1982 it was converted back into a public house and called The Shambles.

It certainly has a rustic charm with low ceilings and beams and a lovely log burner, which is just what you need on a day like today.

A winter day calls for a winter pint, my choice was Colonel’s Whiskers from Batemans, a classic black & tan style of beer, nutty, creamy, with a hint of liquorice.

A nice hot baguette was also called for, a BBQ chicken melt, with a nice bowl of proper chips (not pictured). There was a lot of cheese (as you might spot from the photo), but it was all very tasty, not the flavourless “cheddar” you sometimes get in pubs. Nice BBQ sauce too, not just some sugary gloop.

Mrs MOFAD also had a nice sandwich. We were all cosy and warm, and decided to abort the second walk, in favour of wool and getting back home to a warm cup of tea. A cracking little pub, a MOFAD card was left.

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