Beer of the month, October 2015

A busy month for beers. 46 different beers and ciders sampled this month, including plenty from Yorkshire (last month’s trip to Skipton), and quite a few from Hampshire, as well as a few from further afield.

First up in the list is Lagunitas Day Time Fractional IPA, full of super hoppy goodness, an excellent grapefruit hit, and perfect paleness. One of the best IPAs I’ve had all year, picked up during our trip to Southwold.

Next we come to a pint of Cydonia from Vibrant Forest brewery at the Filly Inn – a hoppy and fruity super hit, excellent cycling refreshment.


Another home drink next, a bottle of 1643 Puritan from Two Cocks brewery. This had coffee, caramel, chocolate and liquorice combined for a big hit of complexity. Very drinkable and not too heavy, the season of the stout has begun.

In second place, we have a bottle of Mariana Trench from Weird Beard brewery. This was sampled at the Fox & Hounds in Lyndhurst (great pub) and is another example of hoppy loveliness from the beardy boys.


There was only ever going to be one winner this month. As soon as I saw this in the fridge at the Fox & Hounds in Lyndhurst, I had a feeling that Cwtch by Tiny Rebel would be this month’s victor.


Not hard to see why this was champion beer of Britain this year. Hoppy redness, just fantastic. It’s going to be in the top five at the end of the year, I’m fairly certain of that.

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