150th post!

Another milestone reached. As with previous milestones (100 and 50), it doesn’t seem all that long ago since I was writing about them. A varied range of topics has come up since August, including the IKEA cafe, several great pubs in the New Forest such as the Royal Oak, Fritham, The Crowell Arms in Romsey, and the lovely Fox and Hounds in Lyndhurst.

Pub of the month and beer of the month are still going strong and the “walking tour of Skipton” (definitely not a pub crawl) generated five new posts including the merits of chips in a pint glass at The Castle.

A few brewery visits have been squeezed in, such as Box Steam brewery, as well as a few handy farm shops like Keelham farm shop in Thornton.

I’ve also managed the odd recipe, including one of my favourite cakes, the chocolate truffle cake as well as some instructions for sloe gin. We are off to pick our sloes this weekend, hope there are some left!

We have discovered Settle, which has loads of great pubs, with the Talbot Arms being our favourite so far (it was August’s pub of the month).


The write up of Raphael’s pizza is the new top article with 100 views and Triple Pork Nirvana continues to be the most popular page, spreading the word of pork (it’s still the first result on Google if you search for the term!) As well as the UK, the US, Australia,  France and Italy, we now have visitors from Spain, Japan, Portugal and New Zealand.

The Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/TheMOFAD is still proving popular and you can find the Minister on Twitter @The_MOFAD, where 232 people are already enjoying the content of over 1,300 tweets.

Lots more to come from the Minister of Food & Drink! So many places to eat and drink, so little time. There are at least another 30 blog posts in the queue! And there will be another one later on tonight!

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